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Skating and Scrabble (Tuesday, June 1, 2004)

Let's see, this morning, I slept in a while, but then got up because Alex was supposed to come by and see the room. He never showed up, so basically I just screwed around until Claire came over. We had leftovers for lunch and made more Broccoli Bites, which were exceedingly yummy, once I got the oil temperature right, and added more bacon. Then we decided to go rollerblading, so we went to the rink in Manassas, only to find it closed, so we stopped at Staples and did some quick shopping, then to the rink in Chantilly, where we skated for a half hour before Claire decided that she'd had enough of her two-sizes-too-small skates. From there, we went back to my place and hung out for a little bit, then it was to the video store to get Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (God, I'm slacking off on my movie reviews), and dinner from McDonald's. After the movie, we just hung out and watched TV. During South Park, Justin, Claire's new love interest, called, though she insists that they're just friends. They have a date tomorrow. I just have to trust her to behave herself, and that's all there is to it. So after that, we played some Scrabble, and she not only beat me, she decimated me. She absolutely kicked my ass. She beat me by over a hundred points. Man, that's pathetic! I guess I really suck at Scrabble or something. Oh well. Then, after watching the last few minutes of the Lakers victorious triumph over the Timberwolves, Claire said good night, and it is now time for bed. I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. Well, I don't actually have to go, but I have to actually do some work. Though I've got two companies coming out tomorrow to do estimates for a deck for me. I also need to get a hold of Brooks and tell him he's got a room (and pray he didn't convince Lakeside Apartments to give him super-cheap rent). So until tomorrow... good night!

—Brian (6/1/2004 12:17 AM)


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