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Hanging Out With Computers (Sunday, May 30, 2004)

So Friday night, Claire and I were supposed to go to this foam party at Nation, but we just didn't feel like it. So basically, we just hung out. Yesterday, we made a big breakfast, and I had a bunch of people come by to check out my room for rent — I think I'm going to go with Brooks (and I'm praying he didn't find another place he liked better... need to call him tomorrow). Claire was supposed to go to a party at the Sennett's, so while she was doing that, I went shopping and bought myself a TiVo for my DirecTV setup, installed that, and also re-assembled my electronics in the basement (finally). It turns out that Claire's dad got the day for the party wrong, but they hung out there for a while anyway. After that, Claire came back over, and we hung out and played with the new TiVo. Bob called while she was here, and they chatted for a while (grumble, grumble). But she had to go home after a while, and I went to bed. This morning, she came over and cooked breakfast while I was getting ready to go, then we piled the bikes in the car and went and rode about ten miles on the Washington and Old Dominion trail, with a break half way, at Dairy Queen in Herndon. After that, we went to CompUSA and bought a new printer and some RAM and some other stuff. Then to Claire's place, where we said hi to her dad, who didn't seem overly happy to see me, and we hooked up the new printer, which seems to be working just fine. Unfortunately, Claire's out of RAM sockets — I think she might be maxed out on RAM, so we'll have to take that back — too bad she opened it before I was able to figure out that she couldn't use it — now she's got to pay a 15% restocking fee. Or at least her dad does. Then we went to Artie's for dinner, and I got ribs. It was kinda like Sweetwater, but different. Good though. Then it was back to my place, where we hung out for a while, until Claire decided to call it a night. Tomorrow, I've got someone coming to look at the place in the morning, then perhaps I'll go to Matt's barbecue, and there's also the slight possibility of going to see The Day After Tomorrow with Annie and Denis (though, Claire doesn't seem interested, and I don't feel like driving all the way to Sterling to see it). We'll see. I don't know why I've allowed myself to go so insane over Claire again... I like the way I feel, and I think she feels the same, I'm just terrified that I'm going to let myself be hurt again. Urghh. It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you. Anyway, it is nearly time for bed... must get Pretty Girl out of my head... maybe crank up some Linkin Park to drift off to sleep to.

—Brian (5/30/2004 11:47 PM)


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