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Broccoli Bites and Alchemy (Friday, May 28, 2004)

Well, I spent most of the day yesterday at the office and sat through a long and boring meeting, before having two shorter more exciting meetings. Then I went home, and Claire and I cooked Bennigan's style Broccoli Bites and steaks. The Broccoli Bites turned out okay, but not quite right -- we needed more bacon, and a hotter fryer. I'm going to try again tonight, since the recipe would make about 400 of the damn things. The steak didn't turn out well at all, but I guess that's what I get for not buying the most premium cut of meat. Oh well, all in all, it wasn't bad. Interesting thing of note that I forgot to mention — the other night, Claire wanted to poke me, and she grabbed my foil, but I was able to disarm her with a spoon. Yes, with a spoon. Aren't I amazing. Thank you, thank you!

So then last night, we decided to go Alchemy, the weekly gothic party at Nation in Southeast DC. We dressed up all cool, and drove down. We got a good parking spot and we went in and the music and people were pretty awesome. Of course, after about an hour, Claire ditched me and went and tried to hook up with this guy, Justin. I was like, okay, fine, you can dance with whoever you want, but at least tell me you're leaving before you ditch me. And then they wandered off, and finally I had to break it up when they started to kiss. I was livid. If she wants to hook up with random guys she meets at clubs, that's her own problem, but dammit, when you're at a club with a guy, who you say you want to be with, you paid for you to get in, who made you dinner, and whose cell phone is locked in your car, you damn well better not hook up with anyone but him. Duh. So that pretty much ruined the night for me.

So we went home (via a very circuitous route, because I got lost coming out of DC), and I was pretty miserable, but I think we mostly worked things out. I'm still pretty concerned that she tried to hook up with the very first guy who has shown any interest in her this summer... if I weren't there, I could understand giving into the temptation, but I was there, and so my confidence is basically shot to hell. And of course, being a glutton for punishment, I think we're going back to Nation tonight for a foam party, and DJ Dan. But if she ditches me tonight, bad things will happen.

So anyway, we slept in this morning, and we discovered that Claire is having "issues". Ick. Not going to talk about it here. Let's just hope she gets that taken care of. We had breakfast, and hung out for a while, and finally I shooed her off so I could get some work done.

In exciting news, I got a package from Microsoft, for me and Claire. I opened the box, and there's a gift basket inside, but I'm going to wait for Claire to join me again before we open that. Oh I so wish I could work for Microsoft without moving to Seattle. Oh well, I'll just have to be patient, and make the best decisions I can.

So now, I've got people coming tomorrow to look at my room for rent, there's a party at Doron's tomorrow night that maybe I'll go to, if I play my cards right, then hopefully sometime this weekend, we'll see The Day After Tomorrow, and next week I've got people coming to give me an estimate on the deck that I'm going to build... which reminds me, I need to call the homeowners association back about the forms they were supposed to e-mail me, but never bothered. And with any luck, we can squeeze in a bike ride this weekend, too.

Anyway, back to the grind, and more updates in a while...

—Brian (5/28/2004 4:26 PM)


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