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Harry Potter and Housekeeping (Thursday, May 27, 2004)

So Tuesday night, Claire came over and since it rained, we couldn't go miniature golfing. Instead, we went to the grocery store, and I had a field day. We went home and had a veritable feast! We had bread and cheese and sausage and olive spread and roasted garlic vegetables and potatoes... we were supposed to have steak, but after all of what was supposed to be the appetizers, we weren't hungry enough to have steak, too. So with any luck we'll have the steak tonight, and as a side, I'm going to attempt Bennigan's-style Broccoli Bites, from a recipe I found.

Yesterday, Claire was supposed to come over for breakfast, but she blew me off, so I ate alone, and then went into the office. I got quite a bit done with regard to my outstanding support issues, though I still haven't had time to work on the LDAP stuff or finish up the XA stuff. I really need to do the XA stuff today. No more excuses.

After work, I met up with Claire at the mall, and we had Arby's for dinner, then I headed home to show the house to the first potential new roommate, since the Washington Post posted my classified ad four days early. Claudette was nice, but I think she's looking for something larger and at a lower rate. After she left, I went to racquetball, where my brother and my father dismantled John and I. How embarrassing — we should be able to take them. Oh well, there's always next week.

After racquetball, I went home and read some more Harry Potter — I'm 200 pages into Goblet of Fire now (for the umpteenth time, mind you), and I'm loving it — and I had some ice cream. Claire called, disappointed that I didn't call her as soon as I got home, but I seem to recall she had other plans for Wednesday night... maybe I was imagining things. Anyway, she said she'd come over when she was done doing stuff, though 11:00 at night is probably not the best time to start hanging out unless you plan on spending the night. Some of us have to get up in the morning.

While I was waiting for Claire, a nice gentleman named Brooks called about the room — he's the manager at Paulo's in Reston, which could definitely be beneficial. He was really enthusiastic, and as long as he doesn't have any weird quirks, he might be our guy. We'll see what the weekend brings on the roommate front.

Finally, Claire showed up, and she had dessert, and we watched various things on late night television that I would never watch if she weren't there, except South Park, though last night's episode was pretty bizarre, even by South Park standards. After finishing up my laundry, I decided to go to bed, and I had to wake Claire up off the couch to either come to bed or, more likely, go home. Grudgingly, she left, but was planning on joining me for breakfast this morning.

Despite the sleepy state she left in, apparently she had plenty of energy when she got home, because she was up until after 3:00, and once again has blown me off in the morning. Now, I'm going to start my Claire rant.

First, let me say that Claire is a nice person — she has no desire to have power over anyone (at least not in any kind of serious way), she doesn't want to hurt anyone, or get revenge (as far as I can tell). That said, though, she needs to learn accountability.

If you don't want to get up in the morning, don't tell me you're going to come for breakfast. If you tell me you are, then don't stay up too late, set your alarm, drag yourself out of bed, and show up. I don't care whether or not you come, but if you say you're coming and then don't show up, that's rude.

Same thing with painting — paint or don't. If you sign a contract, know what the damn contract says. If you want to quit, fine, quit, but don't continue to do nothing and string them along — they may be bastards, but dammit, you made a deal with them, and you're screwing them.

And then there's your relationships — if you're in a relationship with someone, you have a responsibility to that person. If you don't want to be with them anymore, you need to tell them — you can't just wait for them to get sick of you and go away. That's cruel! You can go out with whoever you want, but don't say you're with one person, and actually be with someone else — suppose Bob has met his dream girl and he's not acting on it because he thinks he's being faithful to you? I know I've done that -- maybe not my dream girl, but I've had a number of opportunities to meet nice girls over the past several years that I've passed on because I wanted to be faithful to you. And now, Elaine had started showing real interest in me, and I have basically put her aside for you... What kind of an asshole does that make me? If you didn't want to be with me, you should have told me, so I could move on. If you don't want to be with Bob, you need to tell him — the longer you wait, the more you'll hurt him.

I know this is really harsh, but dammit, you're an adult, and you need to show some responsibility. I want to help you, but this is something you have to do for yourself — I can't allow myself to be set up for the kind of disappointment that this is going to bring. I'll stand by you no matter what, but you really need to get your act together.

Okay, I'm done ranting about Claire now. By the way, do you get the idea that I don't like being blown off? I don't think anyone else does either. Claire's got so much to offer — I hope she can get her act together before she drives me absolutely out of my mind.

Okay, I need to breathe... breathe... yes... that's better. Now, I must get dressed, have some breakfast, and go to work. I have a status report to get done, a meeting to go to, and XA stuff to work on. Tonight, I'm cooking, if Claire's still speaking to me after seeing the truth in plain English, and perhaps go to Alchemy tonight, if we're up for it. Until later then... adios.

—Brian (5/27/2004 10:28 AM)


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