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SCA Event (Monday, May 24, 2004)

Friday night, Claire and I were going to make Pizza, but I was slacking off, so instead we went to Tippy's. Then I went to Joe's new place in Sterling, and it's awesome. Joe made me a T-tunic in like two hours, which was just awesome. Rebecca lent me a belt and a pouch, a poof! I had clothes for the SCA event on Saturday.

So Saturday morning, I got up really early, and stopped by the store to pick up ice and drinks for the trip, and then drove back to Joe's place, where Charles and Gwen and baby Sarah picked up Joe, Rebecca, and I, and we headed to Maryland for the Storvik Baronial Birthday. We were joined there by Mark and Fran and Janet. It was miserably hot, and the air was thick with cicadas and other creepy-crawlies, but we managed to stay in the shade for most of the day, so it wasn't too unbearable. The event was a lot smaller than we had hoped, but we did have an excellent feast of breads and meats and cheeses, and got to watch some heavy fighting, which basically consisted of two guys in armour with swords and shields pounding the snot out of one another until one of them died in spectacular fashion. That was cool, though after about an hour of the same fifteen people taking turns fighting each other one on one, it sort of got boring.

Around mid-afternoon, we decided to take the party back to Joe's place, where we could take advantage of such medieval amenities as air conditioning and running water. When we got back to Joe's, we cooled off, and sang some songs, and I must admit, I dozed off during the singing, but afterwards, we ordered chinese food, and hung out for a bit. Then Joe offered to teach the lot of us the rules of SCA style fencing, so we went to the back yard, and he explained the protocols. Then we dressed up in the protective clothing, and Joe, Charles, Fran, and I took turns doing gentle combat. Remarkably, I managed to touch Joe, but I think he was going really easy on me. I got some good hits on Charles, including taking his arm — when he switched to his off arm, I switched from right handed to left handed, just for fun... and got another good hit, right between his eyes. Good thing we wear masks. Fran had never fenced before, and while her attacks were pretty weak, she was able to parry very effectively. It was a lot of fun, though dressed in heavy protective clothing and running around in the hot and mugginess was a bit excessive. So I cooled off for a bit, and then it was home for a shower and quality Claire time.

Man, I have the worst memory... let's see, Saturday night, Claire kicked my ass at Scrabble. Sunday, after lunch at Burger King, we went on a nice bike ride from Carderock to Great Falls and back, though it took a while because my tires were flat and we had to drive all the way back to Claire's to get the pump. Afterwards, we cleaned up, and went to Janet and Ian's for Aislinn's 3rd birthday party, and had bratwursts and beer for dinner. We hung out for a little while, then went back to my place and hung out. Let's just say Claire has some interesting ideas about grooming tools as entertainment. Claire spent most of the night, but then left about 5:00 or so this morning.

This morning, I payed all my bills, opened all my back mail, did up my expense report for my trip to Seattle, followed up on my mortgage application with M&T, and placed an ad in the post for a new roommate. I also finally got confirmation about my spec from Sumeet (i.e. I don't want to think about it, do what you want, grrr), and I kicked one issue back over the fence to Mohamed. I didn't actually make it in to the office today, but oh well. Tomorrow, I'm going to write up the LDAP stuff, and try to get the XA stuff checked in. I shoulda gone to Seattle. At least the work wouldn't be quite so brain-dead. Or maybe I'm just feeling a little burnt out.

So now, I have to figure out what to have for dinner tonight — maybe more breakfast, since I've got bagels, potatoes, bacon, and donuts in the house. And that would cost a whole lot less than going out... again. Okay, I think I'm done "working" now... time to have fun! Adios!

—Brian (5/24/2004 5:34 PM)


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