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Microsoft Seduction (Wednesday, May 19, 2004)

Today, I got up early, and talked to Karolina at Microsoft for about an hour. They're offering me quite a bit. The highlights: $83,000 a year, 200 shares of real honest-to-goodness stock, the opportunity to earn up to a 15% annual bonus, plus up to 15% annual merit pay increases. The health benefits are loaded. There's only 15 days of vacation... but 10 days of sick leave, seven regular holidays, and two "special" holidays that I can take any time I want. So it turns out I would actually have one more day of off. And they pay for the whole freakin' move — they have almost $25,000 budgeted to get me there. They pay for my flights, packing, shipping, and so on. They put my up in temporary housing for 45 days, and they pay to ship my car, if I want, and help me sell this house and buy a new one there. Wild. They also give me a gym membership. And the question to which they all want to know the answer is when can I start, and do I have any friends like me who want a job?

Sucks to be Microsoft. It's so hard to turn down a job so "perfect". But those things are so material. How am I supposed to give up my friends and the people I love? How am I supposed to give up school, that I've worked so hard on for so many years? And now, I have a responsibility to Alpha Chi that I can't simply abandon. And I finally have real, important work to do at webMethods — if I leave, what will happen to my company? Also, I don't want to be a software engineer forever. I want to build my real estate empire... or something. But if I go to Seattle, I'll be a career engineer. Maybe I'm blind, or stupid to want to pass on an opportunity like this. But I've always hated change, and there's just so much I want to do, and it is all here. I need a hug.

So after an hour of seduction by Microsoft, I went to Fairfax, and met my friend Charles for lunch. He has a friend who might need his house painted, so I need to remember to ask him for the info, so I can forward it to Claire. When lunch was finished, I finally dragged myself into the office, and found the network was out. Joy. But it came back up before too long, and I was able to wrap up three of my outstanding tasks. Of course, Sumeet still hasn't reviewed the changes I made to the specification, so that's on hold for now, but oh well. I finished off my "work" by updating my weekly status report (you'll note, it's a day early this week, so go me!).

And then, just as I was getting ready to leave, I started talking to Claire, and went on a massive music downloading kick — got Jocelyn Enriquez and a bunch of Lucky Boys Confusion. The former, good dance music, the latter, good rock. And then I decided it was sort of annoying that I didn't have any metallica in the car, so I just downloaded a whole bunch of that.

I need to swing by the store on the way home and pick up some things for tonight, and a new pair of jeans, since I killed one of my existing pairs, and then it's off to racquetball, and then after cleaning up, it will be time for dinner and other excitement with Evil Claire. I'm rather excited. Oh how appropriate... Metallica's song "Ain't My Bitch" just came on. Tomorrow, I have to remember to copy the Sugarcult CD so I can give it back to Claire. I also have an appointment with TLC in the morning, and I'm having lunch with Joe after that. No end to business for me. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Okay, now off to shopping!

—Brian (5/19/2004 6:27 PM)


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