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Whirlwind Emotions (Wednesday, May 19, 2004)

Well, Claire spent the night last night, yay! And I went to the deli and DQ for lunch. I finished up some support stuff. I got my last grade -- a mere B+ in Computer Architecture (courtesy of the worlds worst professor). I ducked out of work early and went to Bull Run Park with Elaine and threw the frisbee for a while, then we went back to my place and hung out, then to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Afterwards, we watched Shrek, which was fun. Now, I'm just helping Claire with her resume... or at least trying to. I think my suggestions are pissing her off. Someone needs to learn to take constructive criticism... it's not like she has to do what I recommend. Ahh well, at least the content of her resume is really strong. It would be awesome if she came to intern at webMethods. And I'm sad that I have to sleep alone tonight. And she ditched me to go out with Brad tonight, and she's ditching me tomorrow to see Bob. Okay, so I was able to entertain myself tonight, and I'm busy with racquetball tomorrow night. But hey, she's not the only one who's moderately obsessed — I like the attention I've been getting, and I really hope it continues. But if not... Elaine's becoming obsessed with me, and I need to call Elisa sometime this week. And tomorrow, I need to talk to Microsoft in the morning, and then go to lunch with Chazz... who I need to e-mail. Okay, that's done. Wow, it's getting late... nearly time for bed. I hope Claire's not too mad at me. I missed her all day!

—Brian (5/19/2004 12:45 AM)


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