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In Seattle (Monday, May 17, 2004)

Ugh, so more days go with no updates. Damn my life for being complicated! I haven't updated since Thursday, waiting for Dave. Okay. Dave arrived, and he took me on a whirlwind tour of the Seattle suburbs, and explained to me how the street system works, and about life in the area. The place is beautiful, and it was fun catching up with Dave after so long. After going through the 'burbs, we drove me into Seattle, and we meandered through the city — lots of cool stuff there. We finally parked on the waterfront, and walked up to Belltown, which is one of the neighborhoods with bars. We hung out at Belltown Billiards for a few hours, shot pool, and drank Alaskan Amber beer, which is really good. Surprisingly, I think I won about half the games against Dave, which is a rare occurence — must be truly out of practice. Toward the end of our time there, I introduced myself to three nice looking young ladies at the bar to figure out where to go next, to dance. So when we finished up, Dave headed home to his family, and I followed the young ladies down the block to a club called Medusa. Medusa is a pretty nice place, but unfortunately, Thursday is "let's pretend we're black and it's 1997" night. Ugh. And what really sucks, is that Friday night, Darude of "Sandstorm" fame was there. But I was on an airplane back by then. So after about a half hour, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I left in search of better bars. There are a couple of other nice bars nearby, and everyone was really friendly, but unfortunately, it seems that every place plays sucky music on Thursdays. Next time, I'll have to stay for the weekend and get some really partying in.

Friday morning, I got myself up relatively early, in the hopes that if I got to the airport, I could catch an earlier standby flight home. In the car on the way to the hotel, I got a surprise call from Barbara Grogan-Barone, the faculty advisor for Alpha Chi. It looks like I am going to be the new president of the Virginia Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship society (yes, that's a mouthful). Once the paperwork goes through, I'm going to make sure that we start having more frequent social functions, and I'm going to revamp the chapter's Web site, which hasn't been updated in about three years. After that, I called my mom, and talked to her about everything for a while, and she's very proud of my accomplishments, and under no circumstances does she want me moving to Seattle. I don't blame her. We'll see if I get an offer, and what the offer offers, and if it offers something excessive, then I will have to offer my acceptence to Microsoft, and offer my good-byes to Northern Virginia, my friends, my family, my education, my... oh who am I kidding... in order for it to be sufficiently excessive, they'll have to let me start a branch here in Northern Virginia. And I don't think they were quite that impressed. But who knows, I did get six interviews after all.

Once I got to the airport, and after much running around, I discovered that there was no way I was getting on an earlier flight home. So I got some lunch, and then went to my gate, a half hour before my schedule 2:15 departure... only to find that once again, Chicago weather was causing issues, and that the flight was delayed until 3:00. That right there was sufficient for me to know the flight wouldn't get in to DC until 12:45, and then of course, there are the additional delays on the ground in Chicago. So I walked to the next gate, where American had a flight to Dallas, and asked if they had room, and if they could connect me to DC via Dallas. They said they could, and I asked when the flight was leaving — they said, get on, you're the last one. So I actually managed to get on a flight out of Seattle a good half hour early, rather than three quarters of an hour late.

The flight was relatively uneventful, and blissfully short, thanks to some conversation with a nice real estate agent from Seattle. Once in Dallas, I had an hour to kill, so I called up Claire to let her know I was actually in Dallas, not Chicago, and that I'd be in around quarter to one, instead of midnight, like originally planned. I had some dinner at Chili's, and at the bar there got talking to a nice young lady from Dallas who was headed to New York to try her hand at modeling. I wish her luck. She's definitely a smart, attractive girl, but I can't see her on the cover of a magazine. So we hung out for a while, and then it was time to catch my flight to DC.

The flight departed right on time, and I slept most of the way back to DC. We touched down, and I managed to sneak off the airplane before most of the passengers stood up... and I breezed down to the backage claim... and found myself waiting and waiting for the bags to come down. I took a minute to poke my head outside while calling Claire, and sure enough, she's sitting right there waiting for me. After a while, my bags came down, and out I went and away we went.

And this is where it starts to get interesting. Once again, Claire decided to spend the night at my place. Oh darn, let me tell you just how disappointed I was. We slept late on Saturday, and then I sent her home to take care of stuff, and then we met at Don Pablos for a late lunch. Afterwards, we hung out at Fair Lakes and enjoyed the beautiful day. We went into Best Buy, and the furniture store, and we got some TCBY. But Claire had to go to Erica's birthday party (Happy Birthday, Erica!), so we parted ways, and I came home and she went there. When I got home, I called up Elaine to see if she wanted to go see Troy. So she drove down to my place, and we headed in to Fairfax for the 9:15 showing. Sadly, it was sold out, so we got tickets to the 10:00 showing instead, and wandered around the new shopping center at Fairfax Corner. It started to rain, so we went back to the movie theater, and went to the bar inside, in order to get away from all the screaming teenagers. A half hour, and a martini later, we took leave of the basketball game and the bar, and went to see Troy. Excellent, fun movie. I'll have to write a review of it really soon.

Afterwards, we were on our way back, when Ben called and wanted to know if I could come out. I should have realized he was drunker than hell, but alas, I did not. So dropped Elaine off at her car, and headed to Ben's place. On the way, I decided that since I hadn't eaten and it was getting late, we should swing by Shade Tree — the only place still serving food at 1:30 in the morning. So I picked up Ben, and there we went. What I didn't realize is that he was absolutely trashed. And Ben gets more obnoxious the more drunk he gets, and Saturday night, he was drunker than I've ever seen him. We managed to get past the bouncer, but only just barely. I ordered cheese fries and a beer, which came right after last call. That was good, as was watching the final minutes of the Lakers game. I'm so glad the Lakers won... they're going all the way! Yay! But at this point Ben was just out of control, and at one point I thought he was going to start a fight. So I finished up as much of my food and drink as I could, and then dragged him out and took him home. I was pretty mad at him. But oh well, I can never seem to stay mad, but when I talked to him last night, I told him I didn't ever want to see him that drunk again.

Then I went home, and gave Claire a call at her party. Turns out she wasn't having a good time, and she wanted me to come get her. Luckily for me, I was still basically on west coast time, so driving half way to West Virginia to pick her up was no big deal. It's actually a pretty nice drive, out past Leesburg, up Route 9, to one of those posh estate neighborhoods. So I picked her up and drove her back, and what a surprise, she decided to spend the night. Wait, do I complain? Are you kidding? Waking up next to someone — even if she is someone elses girlfriend is not something I will ever complain about.

Sunday morning, we woke up, and put ourselves together, and then while I was finishing up, Claire went to the store and brought us back breakfast stuff, and she also very kindly cleaned up the kitchen for me. Yay for domestic Claire! After breakfast, I took her back to Fair Oaks to get her car, and then sent her on her way to do some marketing stuff, and I wandered around the mall for a while. There are some new Harry Potter shirts in Hot Topic that are really cool, and I want one. There was also this cute girl in there who kept hitting on me... but I don't think she was old enough to be talking to me... oh well, not important.

After the mall, I headed over to my parents house, and we had a cookout and hung out. John came over, but my mom never showed up. After dinner, my dad, John, and I went over to the basketball court and shot some hoops for a while. Then we left, and I headed home to take a shower and stuff. Later, Claire came over, and we watched French Kiss and had ice cream. Then we hung out for a little while, and I was feeling really sappy and gooey and romantic. I hope I didn't go overboard. I wouldn't want Claire to feel like I was getting to obsessive about her and wander off again. Just kidding. Though I'm still not sure how I feel about being "the one for Claire" while she still has another boyfriend. As much as I care about her, I still thing we should keep it on the "just dating" thing for a while — I know it'll be practically exclusive all summer, just because we're not really in a position to meet other people, but once she goes back to school, she will meet new guys, and it's a lot easier to be just dating, than to go from exclusive to just dating as soon as it's convenient. If she spends a semester or so at school, concentrating on her work, and not out partying with every guy that shows interest in her, maybe then it will be time to take it to the next level. I just want to be really careful — I don't want to get hurt again, and I don't want Claire to have to deal with these sorts of difficult decisions where she's going out with one guy and dating another and so on. One thing is for certain: everything will be okay in the end.

Speaking of dating, I need to call Elisa this week. I'm sure Claire will just love that. But if I were her, I wouldn't worry about it overly. I also need to write reviews for The Little Mermaid, Troy, and French Kiss. And I need to take care of the security system. And perhaps do a little work. Tonight, I'm going to start making SCA garb at Joe's. And I got Claire tickets to see Hanson at Warner Theatre in July. It's going to be a busy summer, I can tell. And I wonder when I'm going to get my grade for Computer Architecture... sooner, I hope, rather than later. Alas, it is already later. So until later still, I must say adieu. Adieu!

—Brian (5/17/2004 11:58 AM)


"but when I talked to him last night, I told him I didn't ever want to see him that drunk again."

And I'm sure he listened. You have seen NOTHING compared to the fun I've been so priveledged to be a part of in the past. From what I remember, it always started off so innocent...and eventually his face would turn red, his eyes would close, and he would fall silent. Then....the crescendo. From there, the English language does not contain the tools necessary to acurately describe and convey what the ensuing hours became. You would have had to see it to believe it.

-- The Man (12/19/2008 10:20 PM)

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