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School Stuff (Monday, May 10, 2004)

Yay! I'm done! Well, I still have to friggin' turn in my term paper, but it is written, and my last exam is taken, and I'm free until August!!! If you want to share in my excitement, read my paper on Zimbabwe and how I don't want to live there. No seriously, read it. When you're done reading it, and you've blissfully forgotten everything it said, you will know exactly how I feel! Yay!

So anyway, what else is new? Work was lame. Once again, I've discovered that certain colleagues of mine really don't think through their designs at all, expecting their lackeys (i.e. me) to think for them. But that's okay, because I ducked out early and met up with Claire for lunch. Girl's got issues, but don't we all. It's all cool. I'm not going to stress about it. I'll just hang out and have fun and let her figure stuff out.

After that, I headed (late) to my computer architecture exam. I got there right at 4:30... but duh, the professor didn't show up until 5:00. And then he apologizes to us and says Dave and I won't be able to do our presentation. Let me tell you how disappointed we were. Okay, I'm done. And then the exam turned out to be harder than I thought — but still probably an A.

Now, I'm home, term paper finished, and thinking about what's for dinner and what to do tonight. Adios for now!

—Brian (5/10/2004 7:52 PM)


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