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Amistad, Basketball, and Ruth's Chris (Monday, May 10, 2004)

Today has been fun! I slept in this morning, then put myself together and warmed up some Bertucci's for breakfast. Then my family and I headed downtown to the waterfront to see the tall ship Amistad before she sailed back to Connecticut tonight. They were closed for lunch when we got there, so my mom and I sat around singing sea chanties and generally just causing mischief while we waited. We finally got to go on board, and it was pretty cool. I've never been aboard a 19th century schooner before, so I got to learn some interesting new things. She's a bit bigger than the dove, and about twice as fast — but that's two hundred years worth of naval advancement between the 1600s and the 1800s. They've also got just about the coolest galley I've ever seen on a ship. And the crew member who was giving the talk really knew his stuff. We didn't stay as long as I thought we were going to, but I suppose we'd seen everything we wanted to see, so we headed for home.

When I got home, I took a little nap, and watched most of the Lakers game. They beat up San Antonio pretty good, but man, how could they not win? Playing in Los Angeles, at Staples Center, with people like Bill Walton in the audience — with his son Luke, now playing for the Lakers. And Magic Johnson sitting on the Lakers' bench. And Karl Malone, at forty years old, still in the best shape of anyone in the league, and Gary Payton running the floor. All led by Phil Jackson, the winningest coach of all time, and in the middle, you've got Shaq, the most dominant center to ever play, and Kobe, the best player in the game today. Wow. And you could tell today, as they completely dominated the Spurs. It was fun. So much fun, in fact, that I was late changing my clothes and going to dinner.

For dinner, I met my family at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at Fairfax Corner. It was very nice — they had convenient and free valet parking, though the valet moved my seat, which is annoying. Inside, we had to wait a few minutes while they got our table ready, and then we began going over the menu. In the end, I decided on tuna, and the rest of my family got steak. I think next time I will try the steak myself. We also had two types of potatoes and broiled tomatoes. I ordered the family dessert, and then payed the bill -- a whomping $240 — before I took off so I could make the 8:30 showing of Van Helsing. In attendance were Joe and Rebecca, Annie and Dennis, and Elaine and I. Afterwards, Elaine surprised me with the DVD of the Little Mermaid, which she found for me on eBay! I was very pleased. But we had to call it a night early, because it was threatening to storm, and she can't drive in the rain. And boy is it raining now. The trip home was fun, I had the windows down, and on one of the public radio stations they were playing this eerie trancy pseudo-classicalish music that went perfectly with the thunder and lightning and the empty road and the rushing wind.

And now, another evening comes to a close. Happy Mothers' Day to any mothers who read this, and good night, one and all.

—Brian (5/10/2004 12:10 AM)


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