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Huse Feaste (Sunday, May 9, 2004)

Hmm, no update since Friday morning. Time to fix that. Let's see, I went to work Friday, and got a little done. After work, I went over to Elaine's place and fixed her network, and then we went to Bertucci's in Herndon, which was awesome. I need to make it a point to go there more often. After that, we went back to my place and I played the piano for a little while. While I was at that, Claire called, and we chatted for a minute, then I got back to torturing... er entertaining Elaine. But that got old relatively quickly, because I suck, and I was feeling really emotional, and basically, we sat on the couch and I took a nap, and she held me, which was really nice, because I'm suffering from a severe lack of affection. Too bad moral support and friendship seems to be where most of my relationships end. Then I had to friggin' wake up and take her home.

Today, I slept in, and then had left-over Bertucci's for lunch. I did some laundry, and then it was off to Mark and Fran's for brewing, SCA garb discussion and some singing. At the last minute, Mark decided to prepare a feast, so we were extremely well fed. The menu was as follows (I have the official version sitting here in front of me):

Huse Feaste

First Repaste

Fryte: applys, perys, lemyns, and an exotic fryte of the easte called oryngye.

Seconde Repaste

Bryed, chyse, an honeyede butter.

Thyrde Repaste

Stoffed Mushromes

Forythe Repaste


Fythe Repaste

Ybrayd spyced boar yth oynonys an orynge. Leeks an Mushromes.

Sykth Repaste

Celtic Shortbryede

If you may be wondering, the "hedgehogse" were actually an interesting sausage patty with nuts in it — it was really good! And the boar was pork loins. Everything else was pretty much as described. The feast was accompanied by beer and meade and wine brewed by our group. It was a delightful time. We got to sing all our favorite songs, enjoy good food, and I learned a lot about the SCA events that I will hopefully soon be attending. I'd put more details, but I'm sort of sleepy.

While I was there, I got a call from KC, and she was supposed to call me back later, but she never did. Typical woman. So when I got back from Mark's place, I headed over to Copeland's and sat at the bar with Debbie, Matt's wife, and had a few drinks. They closed up around 12:30, and here I am at home, again.

Tomorrow's going to be busy — I'm going to sleep in, and then I'm going downtown with my family to see the ship Amistad, then it's a fancy mother's day dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Fairfax, and then I'm seeing Van Helsing with the movie group and Elaine. So until my next update, here's me, saying goodnight.

—Brian (5/9/2004 12:52 AM)


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