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Happy Hanson Day (Thursday, May 6, 2004)

Well, I actually made it into the office yesterday! That sucked. I don't like going to work. But I guess I have to from time to time. After work, I drove up to Herndon to help Elaine figure out some A/V cabling stuff. I don't think she really needed my help, I think she was just trying to make me feel useful. At least I got to have a milkshake at DQ. So after a half hour hanging out with her (she is feeling sort of anti-social), I stopped at the Starbucks in Herndon to say hi to a friend of mine who works there. I hung out there for like fifteen minutes, and then headed home to get ready for racquetball. Gary and I beat my dad and John one game out of like three or four. I was completely toasted. It's hard running around for an hour and a half, and boy did they make us run.

So today, Happy Hanson Day, by the way. I have my final exam in software engineering tonight, and I'm completely unprepared, but oh well, I just don't care, as long as it's over. Afterwards, I'm supposed to go out with Seth and Ed, because they owe me drinks for all my work on the project, but with these two, who knows if it will actually happen. It's Thursday night, so I'm sure I'll find something to do. I have to find something to do tomorrow, too, because it looks like I'm probably not going to be included in certain people's "just dating" life. Well, I'm not going to stress about that. Something else will come up. And it's a busy weekend ahead of me, and I probably should get my mom a gift for mother's day. Wow, I guess I don't have a whole lot to say today. Well, until later then... adios.

—Brian (5/6/2004 08:48 AM)


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