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Bob? Who the Hell is Bob? (Friday, April 30, 2004)

It's Friday!!! So yesterday, I spent nearly all day working on my project for Software Engineering with Seth. Too bad Ed couldn't grace us with his presence. We're going to beat the snot out of him... if he ever shows up. But we finished the project, all twenty pages of it, and turned it in, last night, in class. The only thing that made class bearable, was the fact that I brought a beer and Taco Bell with me. Seth and I sat in the back of the classroom and hung out, and nothing interesting happened.

After class, I went over to Red Rocks and listened to Jon Fritz play the guitar, and had some damn good wings, and a few more beers. I was there until about 1:00 and then it was time to call it a night.

I went home and found that Claire was out with Bob (Bob? Who the hell is Bob?!), so I gave her a call, and caught her on the way back from her party. We chatted for almost an hour, and then it was time for bed.

So this morning, I did not want to get out of bed, and when I finally did get up, I noticed that Claire had slept through her morning classes. Blah, I should've followed her lead. But meetings call. So I stopped at the deli and DQ for lunch, and now I'm in the office listening to the team conference call online. Phillip is giving us his "happy speech", which rings sort of hollow, considering I was supposed to get a raise a month ago, and today's paycheck still doesn't reflect it. My next paycheck is... oh shit. Phillip just said June 1. Shit. I guess Phillip wants more people to leave. Well, we'll be talking to Elliot about that as soon as the call is over. Damn. Okay, I don't have any more desire to write.

Tonight, I have an engineering dinner at GMU, and I'm supposed to go to a party at Matt's place, but I think I'm going to cut that real short, because I just want to see Claire. Hmm. Adios for now.

—Brian (4/30/2004 1:01 PM)


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