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That's Senior Software Engineer to You (Thursday, April 29, 2004)

I can't believe I forgot to make an entry yesterday. Oh wait, I was working on my term paper... I guess I can believe it. Let's see, at work, I found out that I am now officially a Senior Software Engineer, and that when my raise becomes affective, it will be retroactive until April 1, and they'll actually send me a check for the whole months pay that I missed. And that it's not likely to happen anytime soon. I just hope it happens before Microsoft offers me a job.

I got a basic comment engine up and running for You can now comment on my blogs. I still need to add a feature that shows how many comments have been made, and add the comment feature to the movies page. And put up the photo gallery — which will make extensive use of the comment feature. I think. Argh, bad timing! I have a term paper to do!! I shouldn't be thinking about the site. And Claire wants me to write her a program to help with her fanlistings. That should be fun, but I must wait until the semester is over.

Speaking of term papers, after I got my ass kicked at racquetball last night, I came home to work on the term paper for software engineering class. Seth and I had been at it for a while, when he turns up an e-mail from the professor giving us an outline that we "have" to use. I wish I'd seen that e-mail when he sent it — it would have made our lives a lot easier. We also found another e-mail, from last week, where the professor moved the due date of the project UP a week. I sent him an e-mail this morning, basically asking him to honor the original due date. I was very polite, because I don't think he needs me to remind him of what a fucking retard he is. I just cannot wait for this class to be over, and all I ask for is a grade high enough that I don't have to take it again. (Though I deserve an A.)

So I was up too late working on that, and now I've got up way too early to continue work on it, because heaven only knows if we'll get an extension to the actual due date or not. And I'm still bleary eyed from trying to function before lunch. Perhaps I should go and clean up and get something to eat.

—Brian (4/29/2004 10:17 AM)


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