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Overworked and Maybe Seattle? (Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

Today, I got about four billion new things assigned to me at work. And I looked at precisely one of those. For about five minutes. Yawn. Truly. I did do some laundry, eat leftover pizza, watch JAG, learn all the capitals of the countries in Latin America, and write a linguistics paper.

In linguistics, Charlie brought beer and pretzels in for the class, in order to get better ratings on the teacher evaluations. It worked -- I gave him all top marks. Well, that and because he's a good professor. He also invited us to a pizza party at his house next Thursday, which I need to be sure to attend. Later in geography, I breezed my Latin America quiz, and got the info I need to write my final paper. That shouldn't take more than an hour or two, and will happen perhaps next week.

The good news of the day: webMethods had a great quarter and it looks like we'll all get to keep our jobs! So by the end of the week, I should know about a new stock option grant, a promotion, and a raise. Then I get to start thinking about Microsoft. But they're going to have to do something extra special to convince me to leave my current job and head out there.

I also talked to the M&T mortgage guy about financing a second property. I need to give NWFCU a call and talk to them about it too. If I can do my financing through NWFCU, that would be my first choice. I will use M&T, otherwise. I guess I'll know my finance situation by the end of the week, so on Monday I'll give my real estate agent a call, and then maybe talk to the gentlemen recommended to me by the mortgage broker. I also need to find some time to talk to Brian Allen about his properties before too long. My empire groweth.

Speaking of my empire, it's cool that Claire would consider coming to Washington with me, even if it was about the most non-committal consideration I've ever seen: "So if Brian gets the job... he wants me to move to Washington state with him... Yeah, big decision. I don't really wanna do that — at least not yet — cuz JMU's awesome, I have painting to worry about, my few good friends are on the east coast...and I'm only 19 lol. But, when the time comes to decide in a few weeks, I'll do a lot more thinking — even though my dad probably wouldn't let me go anyway. We'll see what happens." So she doesn't want to go, but maybe she'd think about it — before saying no. At least she'd think about it. Before saying no. And of course, now she's already hunting for replacements on Hot or She sure does now how to make me feel secure!

Okay, in reality, I'm not that concerned — or at least I realize that my concern is irrational. First of all, I'm not likely to move to Washington for the reasons Claire listed, and lots of other reasons, too. Second, I wouldn't want to take the chance of leaving Claire behind. Third, I don't think she's going to cheat on me with some random goth guy she meets on Hot or Not. I just wish she'd meet girls, too. When she just wants to meet guys all the time, it really does make me feel insecure. I'm cool with her having as many friends as she wants — but sometimes I don't get the impression that the guys realize she's with me, and sometimes I think they think she wants them. And from time to time, they've been right, at least briefly. So anyway, I just have to trust her to do the right thing and not to abuse my trust. If she really has the feelings for me that she says, then I have nothing to fear.

Livin' on your cheatin' and the pain grows inside me
It's enough to leave me crying in the rain
Love you forever but you're driving me insane
and I'm hanging on...
-- The Bee Gees

—Brian (4/27/2004 10:03 PM)


I guess I'm testing... :)


-- Claire (4/28/2004 7:39 PM)

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