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Hanson and School Stuff (Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

Well, first off, like a true Hanson dork, I sat through an hour of Jay Leno to see them play for 30 seconds... I posted a comment about it on WNC, which I will duplicate here:

So tonight Hanson was on Leno. It was pretty funny — the crowd was completely uninterested in all the other stuff. At the beginning, Leno was making stupid political jokes, and was getting no reaction from the audience, and then one of the band guys says "And Hanson wil be here later", and the whole crowd goes nuts. Too bad Leno didn't take the hint — Hanson didn't come on until right at the end, and only got to do one song — Penny and Me. Once they got on, it was pretty cool. Taylor needs a shave, Zac still looks like he's 12, and Ike still has that bizarre faux-hawk. But their music is as good as ever!

It would have been nice if I had spelled "their" right when I posted to WNC... I think I was about to write "they're as good as ever", and then changed my mind to "their music is as good as ever". Stupid English language. Maybe Claire will fix my spelling...

As for the rest of the day, after work, I went to school, and as usual the professor was close to a half hour late — we were taking bets to see if he'd actually bring the midterms. I won, he didn't. But after going over some logistics, we got to do the professor evaluations, and while we were at that, he went to retieve the exams. I almost feel bad for him, with the ratings he's going to get... on the other hand, he's been a pretty bad professor. At least he's nice, and generous with the grading. Class didn't end up starting until about 5:30, after all that. He handed back the exams, and through some miracle of grading, I scored full marks, 20/20. I can only hope the final is so easily graded. I may still make an A in this class. At the break, no one came back, so he dismissed the remaining three or four of us early (we were only still there because we were playing video games on our laptops, but oh well). He also approved our idea on hyper-cubes for our research project. But I think Dave is going to do that, so I don't need to worry about it.

After class, Ed, Seth, and I got together to go over our project for Software Engineering. Mostly, we got nothing done, but that's okay, because I'm confident I can put together most of the paper tomorrow night after class. Once I get the biggest part of it written, I'll have a better idea of what I need from them (if anything), and what we're still missing. I'm not concerned.

When I got home, I spent about twenty minutes learning the geography of Latin America (that is, all of the countries in the Western Hemisphere that were colonized by the Spanish or Portuguese). Let's see if I can remember them from North to South, just as an excercise (there should be seventeen): Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Too bad I spelled like half of them wrong on my first try. I also need to learn their capitals, which are Mexico City, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, Managua, San Jose, Panama City, Bogata, Caracas, Quito, Lima, Brazilia, Santiago, La Paz, Beunos Aires, Asuncion, and Montevideo. Of the capitals, I think I know all but the two -guay's. But I'll learn them soon enough. I've got until tomorrow night after all!

Eventually, I need to find time to write that other paper for linguistics, particularly since it would be due tomorrow afternoon. No problem, that's what tomorrow morning is for. Which reminds me, I need to send out a note specifying that I'm working from home tomorrow, that I am.

After studying, I flipped back and forth between the NBA playoff game between Sacramento and Dallas, and Leno. It was hard to choose a team to cheer for — I don't particularly like either team, but I am forced to respect them — they're both excellent, and they're very well matched against each other. Sacramento pulled it out in the end, and I suppose I'll cheer for them, because they have Chris Webber who used to play for Washington. Finally, shortly after the game ended, Hanson came on and were done, and now after a touch of blogging, it is time for bed. So, until the morning sun is come, away to bed I run!

—Brian (4/27/2004 01:12 AM)


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