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Troubleshooting, Work, School.. the Usual (Monday, April 19, 2004)

Okay, I have no idea what to say. I'm beat... Okay, I'm collecting my thoughts, and I'm going to write.

This morning, I got up and went to check my e-mail and stuff, and to my dismay, the network is dead. No light on the network card or anything. So I go into the office and check the router and stuff, and everything's fine there, so I figure it must be a problem with the main router in the basement. I go down, and sure enough, there's no power to the main router. I thought it might be a fried board or something, but there wasn't any power to any of the downstairs. That's odd, since the rest of the house had power. So I figured that there was a breaker tripped. I nearly broke my wrist trying to get into the garage, as my roommate had locked the door on his way out, which made me suspect... yep, as I opened the door, I could see the garage door sitting open, my beautiful car exposed to the world. I went and checked the breaker box, and sure enough, the downstairs breaker was tripped. I reset it, and closed the garage door, and went back upstairs to get my Internet fix for the morning.

Later, Bob called me to tell me about the problem, and explained that he locked the door to the garage because there were a bunch of roughians out behind the house. I explained to him that the only thing of value in the house was the car, and that next time he should just wake me up, and I'll fix it, if he can't figure out the circuit breaker box. But we don't need to worry about that for too much longer — he's moving out four weeks from today. But at least he's willing to keep paying rent through June. I have to wait until I figure out what's going on with work, and possible new work, and my social life, before I get a new roommate. But I should know all that be the second or third week of May, at which point, I should have long since had my pay corrected at work. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

At work, I had a conference call, and got one stupid issue resolved — some of my colleagues are terribly lazy, but oh well. It also looks like we're good to go on the XA project — I've been tasked with packaging it, so I started on that today, and I'm going to finish up tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I need to not forget to go to the damn early-ass meeting at 10:30. I spent the latter part of the afternoon chatting with Claire and working on my cheat sheet from Computer Architecture.

Then it was off to class — I met up with Dave before class, and we compared notes, and we agreed that we were as well prepared as possible, considering our lack of effort, studying, or having anything remotely resembling a teacher in front of the classroom. And we were right — he finished first, no trouble at all, and I finished about fifteen minutes later, while the professor was still explaining the answers to the class. I probably got about a 90% in this one... coulda done better, but it just wasn't worth the effort for another five points.

Then I came home and talked to Bob for a while, and got the mail and stuff. Then I went to the store and got some stuff, and came home and had microwave pizza for dinner. Yummy. But at least I ate. Since dinner, I've been chatting with Brad and Claire and Seth and Sam. Claire and Shayne had a "chat", and it looks like Shayne's having second thoughts about them, too. I guess the "official" "talk" will come tomorrow evening. I wonder what the outcome will be... I'm still trying to maintain at least some sense of wariness — the last thing I want is to get my hopes all up and then have them "work stuff out". I dunno, we'll see what happens, and take it as it goes.

So now, it is time to get ready for bed... and oh damn, I forgot about my laundry. Well, I have to take care of that, then get ready for bed. Tomorrow, there's a meeting early, and class, which I'm woefully unprepared for. So until tomorrow late... this is me, signing off.

—Brian (4/19/2004 11:30 PM)


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