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Microsoft on the Phone (Wednesday, April 14, 2004)

Yay! My check from the IRS finally arrived! Tomorrow, I deposit it, and then on Friday, I pay off the vast majority of my outstanding debt! Awesome.

In other news, I just got off the phone with another hiring manager at Microsoft, discussing the two positions that are available, and amazingly enough, I think I'm qualified for both (discounting the fact that I don't know C# and I've never used Exchange). I've asked to focus on the Programmability position, and not the Web Access position, simply because I've done so much Web server to client UI applications, and I'd rather do the low level API stuff. But I'll talk to both sets of people, concentrating on Programmability, and we'll see what happens. Oh this is so exciting!

And it is starting to look like webMethods actually wants to keep me around, so we'll see if the promised raise goes through before Microsoft can get an offer letter drafted — assuming they make me an offer. But I feel good about this. That I do.

So for all this excitement, I'm tired, and my back hurts. But I think a little running around at racquetball tonight will help. On the bright side, at least I got my Geography paper in. I also did some work on, so now the menu items can be highlighted based on notations I make on the page, rather than just by the URL. I also added a list of movies to see on the movies page, though it is somewhat lacking in the formatting department. I'll figure it out eventually.

I'm also working on a new side project — I'm writing a compression utility, using algorithms that I've read about a long time ago, but can't remember too well — and I'm not going to look them up, I'm just going to figure it out. It is an exercise after all. And I'm going to port it to C#, just to learn how to do that. Maybe I'll be able to put together a C# portfolio for my interview in Redmond — which I can probably put off until after exams.

Anyway, I better go find something for dinner, and check on my laundry. I'll probably write more later, so until then...

—Brian (4/14/2004 6:12 PM)


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