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Morbidity in Geography (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)

Wow, I'm tired. It's been a long weekend, and today was a particularly long day. Spent most of the day doing damage control, because people don't understand when the status of a fix is "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE" that means that the shouldn't distribute it. I also talked to Elliot about my position and salary, and he informed me that my promotion to Senior Engineer is going to happen, and be retroactive to the first of the month, though we don't know if it will come with more money, plus he's asking for additional monday for me, in an effort to bring my pay more in line with my peers. That's very nice of him. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my pending interview in Redmond. Sure it doesn't.

Then there's class. I tried really hard to stay awake in Linguistics, but I wasn't totally successful — I think it's starting to irritate Charlie. I was able to stay awake during Geography, no problem, but that's just because Professor Boudinot's lecture was so morbid. She spent most of the lecture describing the reasons AIDS has spread in Africa, among them, barbaric procedures conducted on women in tribal cultures. Ugh. I did get back my last quiz, which was a perfect score, though I got a reprimand for not using complete sentences — though I don't think these questions merited more than one word answers in some cases. But I didn't lose any credit, and I'll know for next time.

Speaking of next time, I have a paper for Geography due tomorrow that I haven't started yet. And I am too tired to do it tonight. I think I'm going to head to bed, and I'll just do it in the morning before work. I do hope that the check from the IRS comes tomorrow — they were supposed to have mailed in on Thursday or Friday. And it would be awful nice to have. But I can only wait until tomorrow. For now, I think it is time for bed. Good night!

—Brian (4/13/2004 11:20 PM)


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