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Trip to Connecticut (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)

Okay, so I didn't get a chance to update my blog last night... now let's see if I can remember the weekend. I got up early as hell on Friday morning, packed, and my parents picked me up and we left. The trip to Connecticut was pretty uneventful and only took a touch over seven hours. Not too bad.

We got in to Westbrook to my grandfather's house before five o'clock, and after hanging out for a little bit, my mom made what she and my grandfather call "German-style pancakes", what the rest of the world calls "Crepes". We basically hung out, ate, and watched a ball game , then we all crashed pretty early.

On Saturday, we all got up early, and while my mom was doing her obligitory rounds with all of our relatives, my grandfather, my dad, and I went on a three or more mile hike through the woods across from my grandfather's property. There's an old rock formation back in the woods there called the "Leatherman's Cave", so we went to see that. The "cave" is basically two big rocks leaning against each other to form a tent sized opening, but I can see myself sheltering from the weather there, if I needed to. But the cool part is that the rock formation goes up about one hundred feet, and makes for some excellent free climbing. I didn't take the most challenging route up because I didn't want my dad or grandfather to have to come after me if I screwed up. But I took a fairly challenging route up, and a more challenging route back down, and promised myself that next time I'd go with my brother so we could tag-team the most challenging route. It was fun!

After that, we went back and had sandwiches for lunch, on fresh Italian bread that can only seem to find in Westbrook. After lunch we took a long drive, first to the beach, because my mom has to see the beach when we're in Westbrook. I got out of the car, walked down the beach, to the end of the jetty, then in about three seconds, got sick of the wind, spray, and cold, and turned around and went back to the car, where my grandfather had wisely decided to stay — we both hate the cold.

When my mom was done playing in the sand, we took a drive past the cemetary to see my grandmother and some other long dead members of the family. They were all doing fine, considering their circumstances — being dead, that is.

When we left the cemetary, we took a long circuituous route through and around the town and its neighbors, went by Katharine Hepburn's old house in Old Saybrook, and saw some of the other big old houses that used to belong to people in my family, two hundred years ago.

For dinner on Saturday, after much debate, we went to the "New Deal Steakplace", where I enjoyed a big roast beef sandwich. After dinner we went back to the house and hung out and watched more sports on TV, then once more called it an early night.

Sunday morning, I got up early and got ready for church — I figured rather than fight with my parents about it, I'd just go with them. It turned out to be a good decision. It was the best Easter sermon I've ever heard, and one of the best all around services. Granted, the bell choir needs some serious attention from someone who knows what they're doing (a week with them, and even I could fix their biggest problems), and they need to lose the cherub choir (of course, I am not a big fan of children), and they ambitiously tried to get the congregation to sing along with the Hallelujah Chorus. That ended up being the choir, my family, and maybe five or ten other people around the sanctuary, but it was fun anyway. And did I mention it was the best sermon ever? If I could go to a church like this on a regular basis, I might find God again! Well, not likely. But at least this preacher seems to actually have some grasp of the actual details of church history, rather than just regurgitating the stupid stories that we're always being told. His whole sermon centered around Mary Magdalene, and made some bold statements, and some even bolder implications about her relationship with Jesus. Interesting stuff.

After church, we went home and I got to hunt for Easter eggs, which was awesome, because there were two that were really elusive, and one of them had a note in it good for a new 18th Century Coat from my mom!!! Then I managed to bargain my way into a full suit, on the condition that I be patient waiting for it, and that I pay for all the fabric. Suits me fine! (No pun intended... well maybe a little).

Easter dinner with ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, bread, pickles, and olives. And we ate so much! We basically vegged out the whole afternoon and then had sandwiches for supper. We hung out a little more and then we all crashed.

Some of the treasures I got to bring back with me: in addition to the coat, my mom put the CD of 18th Century Dance music from Gadsby's Tavern in my Easter basket, and it even includes the steps for the dances! That'll be really useful for the ball at Gadsby's next Saturday! And my grandfather pulled out a leather coat that my uncle got for him that he never wore, and since it fits, he gave that to me. Cool stuff all around.

On Monday, we got up at the crack of dawn, rushed through breakfast and got on the road around nine, with the intention of getting me home for class at four thirty. Oh well. It rained and was bumper-to-bumper the whole trip. We didn't get back to Centreville until six thirty. Not to worry... while I was in the car, I talked to my class partner, Dave, who took care of class for me — and he picked up my midterm, where I somehow managed to get a 95%... not bad for having given up nearly half way through. That's quite a curve!!

Then last night, I went out to Bennigan's with Elaine, just to hang out, and I had a few drinks to unwind... she doesn't approve, but phooey on her, I like to drink! Then because I was feeling particularly evil (she kept calling me "rogue"... I like that...), we went to John B. Hayes, and I bought another pack of cloves. She doesn't approve, but then, we don't spend enough time hanging out for my vices to bother her too much.

After the mall, I came home and my roommate decided he wanted to hang out for a while, and I learned all sorts of interesting things about him that I didn't need to know, and also the unfortunate bit of news that it looks like he's going to bail a few months early on the lease. What a pain finding qualified roommates. I like Robert, and he's going to leave.

On the other hand, I got an e-mail last night from Microsoft, and they want me to come out to Redmond to interview in person. That's awesome, but I have to somehow find time in my schedule to do that. That's going to be a trick, to say the least. But if they offer me a job, I don't know if I'll be able to say no, and then I might be moving out to the state of Washington, myself. Oh the turmoil!

And this says nothing about the two papers I need to have done for my classes tonight that I haven't looked at all weekend. Oh and the fact that webMethods still needs me to do work pretty badly. I have no doubt that everything will fall neatly into place — all I have to do is keep my eyes and ears open and my nose to the grindstone and everything will be just peachy.

Now, it is time to put myself together and start the day! Adios!

—Brian (4/13/2004 09:52 AM)


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