- To hell with the pig... I'm going to Switzerland.

Professor Doug Wulf (Thursday, April 8, 2004)

What do you know... I have some time to kill. I got so much accomplished today! After I dealt with M&T (they promised to seriously look into the issue), I finished up the instrumentation stuff for the XA project, and that means I'm now ahead of schedule, yay!

Then I came to school and had my meeting with Doug Wulf. He's a really bright guy — physics undergrad, then I think literature for grad school, and his PhD in linguistics. So he gave me some interesting resources to look at, though I was hoping he'd lend me his book, but I guess he's not that cool.

Then I came over here to the Johnson Center (where I sit now), and coded up the problems for Microsoft. Even taking a little extra time to come up with particularly elegant solutions, and particularly comprehensive test cases, it still only took me an hour, including distractions and testing to write up the whole lot. The real challenge was e-mailing it out, because for some brain-dead reason, you can't connect to GMU's outgoing e-mail server from this ethernet jack... so I just fudged it and routed the e-mail through

Then I decided to do my Software Engineering homework, but what do you know, I brought the wrong one of the three useless texts for the class. Fortunately, Ed was online, and he gave me the questions over instant messenger. That took me relatively little time to accomplish, though I'd be happier with my answers if I'd read the chapter.

So now, I'm just hanging out and writing in my blog, and shortly, it'll be time to go to Taco Bell for dinner, and then to class. Perhaps I shall blog more tonight after class, but really, I should spend that time packing for the trip. Adieu.

—Brian (4/8/2004 6:01 PM)


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