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Microsoft Pre-screen (Thursday, April 8, 2004)

I was just too tired last night to make an entry. It was a pretty routine day at work, but then around 3:30 I had an online meeting with my school group, which was a tad on the taxing side. I suppose we got stuff accomplished, but we'll find out later this afternoon when I try to put something together. Then I went home and had the phone interview from hell with the Microsoft representative. Actually, I think it went very well, but I have to find some time to code the excerises she sent. She said that the position she was hiring for was on the Exchange team. On the one hand, I don't know if I want to work on the world's worst product, and a plague upon the Earth. But on the other hand, I could fix it. Well, we'll see what happens. I must keep an open mind. And then last night, I went and played two hours of racquetball. During the games of doubles, I made some amazing snags, but the second hour, I got the pants beat off me because I was so tired from my antics in the first hour. Still, I ended up about even for wins and losses, and got a great workout.

Today, I've got to get some work done early, if possible, because I've got a meeting with Doug Wulf, the new linguistics professor, at 2:15 this afternoon, to discuss computational linguistics — hopefully I can convince him to teach a class on the topic before I graduate. After that, I'll have three or four hours to get my software engineering homework done, and maybe even work on the project a little bit. Then class until 10:00, then home to pack as quickly as possible, because we're leaving for Connecticut at 9:00 in the friggin' morning tomorrow.

Maybe I'll write some more tonight, but then I'll be offline until I get home Monday night. So, until then, have a happy Easter, for those of you who celebrate that sort of thing, and have a nice weekend for the rest of you. Adios!

—Brian (4/8/2004 09:43 AM)


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