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Music and Stuff (Sunday, April 4, 2004)

So tonight I find myself blogging to Ill Nino's "What Comes Around"... it's been an interesting day for music — I've had my 722 track, 52 hour, "every mp3 I have" playlist playing all day. I have had everything playing from Guns N' Roses to Hanson to Linkin Park to Rooney to whatever you can imagine! I've also been on a Three Days Grace kick this weekend, so now I'm downloading that... what else do I need? Hmmm, I still haven't got Linkin Park's new single... now I've got Numb. Excellent. And I never got the P.O.D. tracks that I liked... "Youth of a Nation" is on it's way. Good music! Ahem... anyway.

What did I get done today? I slept in, then went to lunch with my family and Megan, who was in town this weekend with Matthew. After lunch, I came home and helped Robert hook up his wireless network stuff — so now there're like four routers in the house and 802.11g wireless connectivity (with WEP enabled, so no mooching my bandwidth!).

Finally got the two pictures over the piano hanging the right distance apart, and hung up the three Stratford upon Avon pieces next to the new bookcase by the kitchen. I'm making progress, slowly but surely.

And now, rather than doing my tons of engineering homework, I'm slacking off. But oh well, I can't do the homework anyway, because I need to be able to print it off, and despite having looked at printers three times in the past two weeks, I haven't purchased one. I guess that'll be something for me to do tomorrow at work. I also need to remember to find out of my professor actually plans on giving an exam on Easter Monday, since I'll be out of town with my family who insist on dragging me to Connecticut for Easter.

Wel, I may as well head to bed — don't get much chance for extra sleep, and since there's nothing else to do late on a Sunday night. Until next time, adieu!

—Brian (4/4/2004 11:03 PM)


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