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Downtown Adventure (Saturday, April 3, 2004)

Well, what do you know... another Friday night has quickly become 4:30 on Saturday morning. It being Saturday, Happy Birthday to my mom. She's 39... again. So let's see if I can remember what all happened today over the last twenty hours. Got up, dressed up all spiffy — my new black Dockers, my black Claiborne shirt, the nice black trenchcoat, and hit Bennigan's for lunch — had the potato soup and broccoli bites, of course. Speaking of which, I found a good recipe for the broccoli bites online, so I have to try that sometime soon.

Then, I went to work (for the first time since Monday), and I found that not only have my team and another team been logically merged, all of the members of that team are now sitting around my area. So rather than getting any work done right after lunch, I got into a nerf gun fight with Tom, who I used to work with before I moved to Germany (he replaced me as lab administrator, though he's since moved on to more interesting things). But despite all that, I did get a lot done — I closed out the deadlock issue for Trading Networks, and I built the new API for the Monitor group. I couldn't get too much done on the XA project, because Sumeet is a slacker and decided to take the day off — I swear my stuff works, and I'm sure his stuff not working has very little to do with my stuff. We'll find out on Monday.

I also spent a little time chatting with my group for Software Engineering class, and got our database schema stuff put together, and then sent it off to the database group. I just got an e-mail from the professor to the whole class pointing out that all the other groups need to get this stuff in too. Looks like my group is ahead of the game — and my teammates were worried. I told them they were in good hands!

So anyway, after work, I met up with Dan and Greg at the Uptown Theater to see "Hell Boy", which was a lot of fun, and I'll probably post a review of it on my new movie section in the morning. After the movie, we went across the street to a little Greek restaurant. The food was really good, but the portions were massive! I also managed to spill my beer in my lap — and what do you know, those Docker's Stain Defenders actually work! So that was no big deal. Afterwards, I went to a club on M street, and had a good time enjoying the music, sipping some Grand Marnier, and enjoying some cloves — a guilty pleasure, I admit, but not one that I've endulged in too often. I met some interesting folks, and had a pretty good time. So anyway, I guess it's half past four in the morning, and I have a long day ahead of me. So, for now, good morning!

—Brian (4/3/2004 04:28 AM)


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