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Parents are Home (Monday, March 29, 2004)

Nothing too terribly exciting happened today. I got stuff done at work. <sarcasm>yay</sarcasm> I went to class. <sarcasm>double yay</sarcasm> Actually, class tonight was about the least painful class of the semester. I think I actually learned something. Okay, so the prof showed up a half hour late... I'm getting used to that. So he didn't have our exams graded. I'm getting used to that too. At least he ended class an hour early. And most of his lecture made sense... at least the parts I was awake for. And that is better than usual.

In other news, my parents are home safely from their cruise, and apparently they had a really fun time. I spent way too much time talking to them about it tonight, and now I don't feel like doing any homework before bed. I was going to take tomorrow off work to finish my school work, but it seems that my esteemed colleague (who took today off) called a meeting for 10:00 tomorrow morning (WTF?! That's before I normally arrive!). I'm thinking a may not go in at all tomorrow and just dial in for the meeting in the morning. I've got so much to do! It's so not even funny. And now, I'm going to bed, so that in the morning I can actually do these things! Buona sera!

—Brian (3/29/2004 11:04 PM)


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