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Meade and Merrymaking (Saturday, March 27, 2004)

Wow... I've had a lot to drink this weekend. I just got home from eight hours of brewing, drinking, and general merrymaking at Fran and Mark Valente's house. The beer we were drinking was a very good home-made stout — not quite as offensive as Guiness, which is good, because the quantity that I drank would have killed me, had it been Guiness. We had some meade tasting, and the home-made meades were mostly awful. But that's okay, because we sang lots of fun sea chanties and other drinking songs. Some of which were enough to make even me blush. Wow. But anyway, I'm mostly sober now, and dying of exhaustion... too much partying and not enough sleep. I think I'll take it easy tomorrow, and I think I'm going to bed now!

—Brian (3/27/2004 11:35 PM)


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