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Happy Birthday Rebecca (Saturday, March 27, 2004)

Okay, well, that definitely counts as a really late night. I had poker at Joe's place, in addition to celebrating his and Rebecca's b-days. I got Joe a set of miniatures for his gaming, and for Rebecca the DVD "Castle in the Sky" by Miyazaki. Good stuff. Poker was fun, except that Chris cleaned me out completely. As usual. Then around 11:00, I got a call from a friend who was bored and wanted to go downtown, so at midnight, I found myself at a club in Georgetown, and at 3:00, I found myself at a closed bar, hanging out with the after-party crowd. I also found myself the only one sober and had to play designated driver -- thus the sun is rising, and I'm just now getting home. Anyway, time to crash! G'night.

—Brian (3/27/2004 05:41 AM)


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