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XA and AX (Friday, March 26, 2004)

Oh, today was a busy day! Let's see, early-ish, worked on more XA stuff, and determined that my magic solution won't work because of the stupid pre-defined unchangeable interfaces. So I went to plan B, which looks promising. We'll flesh that out in the morning.

Then, I went to campus for the Alpha Chi induction ceremony. That was pretty cool... all the inductees said the pledge, then one at a time we went up and got our certificate, medal, and Greek Pin. They're offering several scholarships for next semester, including one for the best re-design of the Alpha Chi Web site... I think that may be a free scholarship for me, if I can find the time in the next week to do it. Also, it's rather likely that I'll be an officer, maybe even the President, starting in the fall. We'll see how the elections go, but so far it looks promising.

After that, I hung out in the book store and read up on how to get rich and retire early, and according to the book I'm reading, I'm mostly doing the right things. Then it was off to software engineering class, which was basically a nightmare. The class ran a half hour over -- we didn't escape until after 10:30. Not pleasant. And the professor tore into most of us, as though we're supposed to have any domain knowledge of these business systems were designing. Bah. But he's giving us a chance to do more research... by Monday. Like I have time for that. It's a good thing that membership in Alpha Chi is for life! Okay, so maybe it isn't so bad -- I can probably still finish up all right in this class... but it won't be easy!

So tomorrow, I've got to figure out that XA stuff, then do some shopping, then to Joe's to celebrate Joe and Rebecca's birthdays. Until then, it's time to get some sleep... adios!

—Brian (3/26/2004 01:16 AM)


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