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Happy Birthday Joe (Thursday, March 25, 2004)

Well, that was traumatic... I went to try to create an entry, and I typed the wrong thing, and it archived the existing pages! So if you want to read what I wrote before, you'll have to click on the archives link on the left. I think I've got the archives working properly now. I updated the header and footer to all of the pages, so that should be easier to update en-mass if necessary, in the future. I've also added a per-user hit counter that uses cookies, just so I can remind myself how they work. So you can see how many times you've clicked on, but looking at the bottom of the page.

As for mundane trivia, well, today's Joe Hines' 30th birthday (he says it was just an upgrade to "Joe 3.0"...), which I consider neither mundane, nor trivial, so I took him out to lunch. That was fun -- it's always good to catch up. Work was pretty painful, but I think I finally have some clue about the current project I'm working on. After work, I did some shopping, and then went and played racquetball with John and Gary. We each won a game of cutthroat, and I think John won two of three in singles after Gary left. In other news, my garage door opener has been freaking out, but I discovered that this was the result of a lose wire, and I have since corrected the issue.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day -- I've got to apply all of the work stuff that I figured out today, and get it done. Then I have my Alpha Chi induction tomorrow afternoon (yay!), then it's presentation time in my software engineering class (oh joy), then maybe if I'm lucky, I can get some sleep. At least it's almost the weekend... oh wait... that means writing a paper for linguistics, doing more software engineering projects, and writing a paper for geography. Well, I'll find time for fun anyway! Now, it's after midnight, and time for bed! G'night.

—Brian (3/25/2004 12:03 PM)


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