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Hidalgo (3/19/2004)

Well, well, it's time for my first real entry in this blog. It's Friday, and it occurs to me that my homemade blogger doesn't actually reveal the day of the week... I'll need to correct that.

Anyway, I just got home from watching Hidalgo with Joe and the rest of the crew. It was a really cool movie. Odd, though, seeing Viggo do a cowboy accent. But he does it really well! And his horse (Hidalgo) is just a sweetheart. The movie is done all in the right languages (Sioux and Arabic) with subtitles, wherever it's appropriate. There are a couple of scenes that are kind of graphic, and a bit of humor. All in all, it's an exciting adventure story, made more so by the fact that the events actually happened.

Anyway, I've got racquetball first thing in the morning, so it's time to finish my laundry and turn in. Adios!

—Brian (3/19/2004 11:14 PM)


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