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It seems to me, that the only people who would be pulling contact information off of this site are spammers, trolling for e-mail addresses. Clearly, I can get reached as the webmaster at this site, if you need me in connection with that. Similarly, there are aliases for postmaster, abuse, and so on, but they all get forwarded to me.

If you need to contact me securely, please find my public key at:

If you can't figure out my e-mail address, and you want to send me an e-mail, please use my form mail gateway. Don't spam me and don't abuse the feature.


Just for fun, I created two e-mail addresses, trap01 and trap02. I created a mailto for each, obfuscating trap01 with JavaScript, and leaving trap02 in the clear, to see if it made a difference in spam. Over two years, the obfuscated e-mail address never received a single spam message, while the clear one is often the target of spam. My new experiment is to see how long it takes for spammers to forget about trap02, now that I've deleted the link. It's been over a year, and the e-mails are still coming strong.

As another side experiment, I discovered an even better way of obfuscating e-mail addresses — using HTML entities, instead of JavaScript. That way, browsers that don't have JavaScript will still work, and harvesters will still have a problem (at least in theory). For this purpose, we have: It's been over a year, and this address has received no spam. I am now using this approach in all places where I need to post an e-mail address.

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