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Welcome to and This is the home on the Web to me, Brian Ziman. After many trials and tribulations, I decided it was easier to host my own site, my own e-mail server, and so on, and so now after several years, it's up and running.

This site runs Ubuntu Server and was expertly hosted by Slicehost until they got bought out by Rackspace... I need to switch to Linode, but I haven't got around to it.. The domain is registered through Go Daddy, because I didn't know any better.. DNS was previously provided by ZoneEdit, but they got acquired by a real jerk who is basically running a protection racket, so now my DNS is being managed by my hosting provider. All pages on this site were created by hand using the ViM text editor and are served by lighttpd using PHP and FastCGI. E-mail is transfered using a hardened exim server.

If you want to connect securely, you'll need to import the CA certificate into your web browser.

Disclaimer: Opinions on this site are those of Brian Ziman and do not necessarily
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